Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Redhead Revolution Mascara

L to R (Honest Auburn, Genuine Ginger)
Hi everyone! I can't believe that it's already May. April went by so quickly and there is a reason why I didn't post throughout the month. I was busy trying out these mascaras from Redhead Revolution. For those of you who don't know, Redhead Revolution is a makeup company created specifically with redheads in mind. I have tried their eyebrow products before so I was very excited when I was sent these mascaras. Even though these mascaras were designed for redheads, in my opinion they could work on anyone who has fair lashes. I tried these mascaras for two weeks and here is the verdict.

Genuine Ginger

This shade is Genuine Ginger and was designed to mimic the ginger shade of red hair, hence the name Genuine Ginger. I used this on my upper lashes a few times but I ended up using it on my bottom lashes more often. I usually don't wear mascara on my bottom lashes because I have long bottom lashes and some mascaras are just too dark for them. This shade was light and very natural looking so it worked out perfectly. If I decided to repurchase this shade, I would definitely use it on my bottom lashes again.

Honest Auburn

This shade is Honest Auburn and was designed to mimic the look of auburn hair. It is red with hints of brown in it. I found myself reaching for this shade more often than Genuine Ginger. Part of that might be because I'm so used to wearing a darker mascara on my upper lashes. I would definitely repurchase this shade. It looked so good on my lashes and it was very natural looking.

Overall I loved both of these mascaras. They felt so soft on my lashes that I felt like I had nothing on my lashes. They also didn't cause my lashes to clump which is always a plus. I would say that if you  are someone who likes a natural look then you should head over to Redhead Revolution and purchase one of these. There is also another shade True Brown which is the one that I haven't tried yet. These mascaras retail for $19.00 which is a steal considering the fact that they are such good quality.

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