Friday, March 9, 2018

My DevaCurl Favorites

 Hey everyone! My hair has never looked or felt better than it has now and I'm finally learning more about my curls which is why I am going to be telling you about the hair care line that jump started it all. The hair care line that brought me on my curly hair journey is DevaCurl. If you haven't heard of DevaCurl then you either don't have curly hair or you've been living under a rock. DevaCurl is the best line for curly hair. It is definitely on the more pricey side but it is completely worth it.

I have three DevaCurl staples in my hair care routine right now. For cleansing I use the DevaCurl Low-Poo, for conditioning I use the DevaCurl One Condition, for styling right after a shower I use the DevaCurl Arc Angel Gel, and for non wash days I use the DevaCurl Set It Free spray.

I have mostly 3A curls with a mix of some 2B and 2C waves which is why I started out using the DevaCurl No-Poo. Sadly No-Poo made my hair feel too greasy and I still needed that lather without stripping my hair of the oils that it needs so I started using the DevaCurl Low-Poo and it was a game changer. This is my second bottle of Low-Poo and I am in love with it. It doesn't weigh down my curls and it has just enough lather to make my hair feel clean and refreshed hair. I love that the DevaCurl products don't contain any sulfates, parabens, or silicones. It makes me feel so much better when wash day comes around because I know that my curls are being taken care of properly.

I don't even have enough good things to say about One Condition. DevaCurl has two different versions of One Condition. There is the One Condition Original and then there is the One Condition Decadence. I haven't tried any of the products from the Decadence line but I have heard that they are pretty good. This is hands down the best conditioner that I have ever used. Not only does it feel amazing and light-weight but it also gets rid of any knots and tangles when you rake it through your hair. It honestly is incredible. This is probably my second or third bottle of One Condition. I've tried some different conditioners specifically for curly hair and I would hands down choose this one every time.

Of course wash days wouldn't be complete without using our favorite styling products. My favorite DevaCurl styling product is the Arc Angel Gel. I was actually introduced to this product by my hairstylist who has worked wonders on my hair. I always use this when my hair is soaking wet. I flip my hair over, separate my curls into about five sections and then continually scrunch this into my hair section by section. It gives my curls such great definition and it doesn't cause any frizz! I can truly say that this gel is basically magic in a bottle.

On non-wash days I like to use the Set It Free spray. This helps tame any frizz that I see on day two or day three hair. It doesn't flatten out any curls or weigh them down. Instead of just spraying this directly onto my hair, I like to spray some onto my palm and then run it through the curls that I see need some extra love. It does make my palm a bit sticky but it's completely worth it to make my curls look great again.

I hope that you all enjoyed this post about my DevaCurl favorites. In the comments below tell me about your favorite hair products or if you have any curly hair tips that you think I should try out!

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